Corporate data is constantly at risk of being lost by employees, stolen by competitors, or even inadvertently exposed to unauthorized in individuals.

We’re the developer of robust security monitoring and encryption solutions that provide protection for data, know-how, brand, endpoints and users.

Our solutions are deployed in the public sector, and organizations and businesses across the country and worldwide, including government agencies, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, prominent universities, and also TOP 100 companies.

Our products are using by hundreds of thousands of individuals and households around the globe.


A unique encryption technology using a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption in data repositories (disks, cloud repositories, email, etc.).


A robust and stable client providing data collection and user monitoring activities on endpoints with on-line or off-line evaluation.


Case Studies

1. 9. 2015

Case Study 1

The employees bring to the company via USB "Flash Disk" personal content including, viruses, music, movies, games and various ...

15. 7. 2015

Case Study 2

The laptop computer was stolen at the airport to one of our engineering and solution developers. Six months later at the Moscow expo ...

28. 5. 2015

Case Study 3

An employee opened an attachment from an unknown email. The antivirus didn’t report any threat. Although, at the same time the virus uninstalled ...