Case studies

Case Study 1

Client: logistics and transportation company, about 500 employees

"The employees bring to the company via USB "Flash Disk" personal content including, viruses, music, movies, games and various other software which is saved to their computers. Part of this software was subject to copyright or licensing laws and other regulations. After some time, an infected system stopped working and fully engaged our IT department for several weeks."

Case study 2

Client : engineering company, more than 300 employees

“The laptop computer was stolen at the airport to one of our engineering and solution developers. Six months later at the Moscow expo show we had discovered our unique solution presented at the stand of the Chinese competitor.
We have lost part of newly developed technology as well as all invested resources. It took us several months and a lot of extra resources, but fortunately we have developed new generation of the product."

Case Study 3

Client : food company, more than 300 employees

"An employee opened an attachment from an unknown email. The antivirus didn’t report any threat. Although, at the same time the virus uninstalled the protective software from the computer without user ‘s acknowledgment. Subsequently the virus installed Crypt-Locker and as a result we lost all the data from that computer. Unfortunately, the virus encrypted approximately one-third of shared data on our network as well. However, with certain difficulties we were able to recover these data from our backups. Overall, we were quite happy that the incident occurred only on one computer and didn’t destroy all the data on the network."

Case Study 4

Client: production company, more than 150 employees

"At first glance, absolutely no security problem at all."