User Behavior Analysis

Why track data flow?

Dynamic, creative, and successful companies build their development and business around equally thinking employees, who need a quick and easy access to data and information in order to do a good job.

In practice, this often means free access to data that contains sensitive information in terms of company’s know-how, or personal data of clients and other employees, without the management knowing how the employees deal with such information.

Free and uncontrolled data flow poses a security risk for any organization in the form of deliberate or unintentional leakage of sensitive information.

The combination of our solutions SODAT Analytics and SODAT Protection is aimed at preventing precisely this issue.

Who is SODAT Analytics for?

SODAT Analytics – Reliable Solution

User Behavior Analysis
Near-time processing
Data flow overview
Easy access to the results
Important information in one place

SODAT Analytics and SODAT Protection protect your important data stored in computers,

in the corporate network, and on external storage media.


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