In 2017, we are launching new products SODAT Analytics a SODAT Protection, which are built upon user behavior analysis and preliminary detection of data theft.

We have been developing our monitoring and encryption technology SODAT Encryption for over 20 years.

Strong Encryption Monitoring and Data Collection User Behavior Analysis

SODAT Encryption

SODAT Protection

Monitoring and Data Collection


SODAT Protection is focused on efficient data collection from endpoints , and their rapid transfer to the central database, followed by advanced analysis . Individual parts of the system are interconnected.

TogetherSODAT Protection and SODAT Analytics present a comprehensive system.

Who is SODAT Protection designed for?

Monitored activities

SODAT Protection - Server

The server part of the product provides communication with endpoints, transmission of the monitoring settings, and subsequent collection of data and their rapid transfer to the database.

The product features well-arranged administration interface that allows for easy and comfortable product management.

In addition to viewing the settings, you can also evaluate operating conditions of the installed endpoints.

SODAT Protection – The Agent and Client

These local end-station components collect the information about user activity and data flow within the organization. The monitoring is performed in the background, without users being notified.

The data is kept in the endpoint for a limited time only, until they are transferred to the server part of the product.

SODAT Analytics

SODAT Analytics is an individual server solution that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to process information gathered through monitoring the clients.

In addition to performing the analysis and data evaluation, SODAT Analytics offers a web interface for neat presentation of the results.

SODAT Protection a SODAT Analytics protect your important data stored in computers,

in the corporate network, and on external storage media

SODAT Analytics

SODAT Analytics – User Behavior Analysis

Why track data flow?

Dynamic, creative, and successful companies build their development and business around equally thinking employees, who need a quick and easy access to data and information in order to do a good job.

In practice, this often means free access to data that contains sensitive information in terms of company’s know-how, or personal data of clients and other employees, without the management knowing how the employees deal with such information.

Free and uncontrolled data flow poses a security risk for any organization in the form of deliberate or unintentional leakage of sensitive information.

The combination of our solutions SODAT Analytics and SODAT Protection is aimed at preventing precisely this issue.

Who is SODAT Analytics for?

SODAT Analytics – Reliable Solution řešení

User Behavior Analysis
Near-time processing
Data flow overview
Easy access to the results
Important information in one place

SODAT Analytics and SODAT Protection protect your important data stored in computers,

in the corporate network, and on external storage media.